Joshua Ferguson

Owner & Host

A Brief Introduction to Our Host

The bearded dude you see on Youtube & here is me; Joshua Ferguson.

I’m an underemployed, undereducated, chronic malcontent & member of the proletariat who refuses to sit back and stay silent while watching society crumble. I might be desperately attempting to polish the brass on the Titanic as the ship makes it way to a watery grave but I refuse to go down without a fight.

I ran for City Council in Fullerton, California in 2016 in a DIY long-shot bid in an effort to open eyes to local problems. Since then I’ve written for a local government accountability blog, The Friends for Fullerton’s Future, which ultimately cost me a job of 9 1/2 years when the City of Fullerton sued me for my malcontentedness.

I ran in the 2018 Recall race to remove State Senator Josh Newman for being a liar who lies and lying to myself and my wife about his integrity/beliefs.

I’m a third generation native Californian (5th generation to call CA home) & I dream of allowing my children to enjoy the CA that is quickly slipping out of grasp for too many of us in the working classes.

It’s not always easy, but this nation wasn’t built on comfort. It was built on the idea that we all have to make a difference and not wait for our betters to hand it to us at their leisure.