It’s Time to Opt-Out of the Orange County Power Authority

If you live in Huntington Beach, Irvine, Buena Park or Fullerton you can finally Opt Out of the corrupt Orange County Power Authority, an agency created to fool people into paying politicians and bureaucrats to do what you can already do without them for less money. This nonsense agency has been foisted upon us by equally corrupt & mostly worthless City Councils who are beholden to lying activists and too dumb to ask basic questions or demand genuine accountability.

The OCPA has been rife with troubles since it’s inception and is currently being audited and you can read about some of the complaints over at Voice of OC [HERE] and elsewhere.

Even at it’s core, the idea of the OC Power Authority sounds stupid – a bunch of unelected bureaucrats are going to get paid to pre-buy “Green” energy that is still delivered through SoCal Edison and somehow it’ll be affordable and not just a money suck for the grabby hands of the bureaucrats in charge.

The very idea that stacking a government bureaucracy on top of what SoCal Edison already does for free somehow is going to end up being cheaper or more efficient is patently absurd.

The same bureaucrats who can’t plan parking lots or pave roads adequately (let alone efficiently) are now somehow capable of advance planning in the energy sector – in which they have no expertise or real control – how exactly?

For those who are really concerned about using only “Green Energy” in your home – which really means only paying the up-charge for “green energy” because all of our power comes down the same lines and they aren’t segregating “Green” from “Non-Green” on the power poles – you can call Edison and ask to pay more by enrolling into their “Green Rate” program or just sign up [HERE] (once enrollment opens up again in the fall).

Now, for those of you in the “Corporate Evil, Government Good” crowd it should be pointed out that a simple reading of your electric bill will show you that SoCal Edison doesn’t make any profit from the purchase of power. The charges on your bill are clearly defined as “Delivery” and “Generation” charges so there’s no “profit” that the OCPA can get around or avoid.

The entire OCPA model is based upon being able to better plan (read: speculate) on the future energy needs of their customers than the company who maintains the infrastructure and power lines. SoCal Edison makes a legally set fixed return on their capital investments and that infrastructure is the same infrastructure that the OCPA itself relies upon to deliver power. SoCal Edison has a vested interest in the system and a political duty to keep your prices low, unlike the OCPA which is basically just bureaucrats LARPing as experts hoping to grift off of suckers who buy their Green Energy schtick. They want you to think you’re doing something good for the environment by paying them more to do something, which bears repeating, that Edison will do for free.

Interestingly the “Green Rate” is cheaper right now because Natural Gas prices, owing to inflation and a litany of other causes, have gone through the roof with California currently having the 10th most expensive Natural Gas prices in the country.

So if you want to pay more for “Green Energy” go to Edison directly and ask them to pay more for your power. There is literally no reason to give the Orange County Power Authority your time, money or service.

To Opt Out of the useless and corrupt OCPA, have your 12-Digit Edison Account # ready (it’s located on the top left of your bill) as well as your service zip-code and call 1-866-262-7693 and follow the prompts.

Don’t forget to write down your confirmation number as well as date/time in case these kleptocrats attempt to deny you opted out.

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