Trudeau uses Obama Tactic to Attack Truckers

Trudeau uses Obama Tactic to Attack Truckers

Peaceful protests were all the rage around the world until they started being actually peaceful and nowhere sums this point up more than in Canada. When the Freedom Convoy took off across Canada to park their trucks in Ottawa in a united move of worker solidarity against an all-powerful State – the script was flipped.

First, the political and corporate class insulted, demeaned and defamed the truckers as, well, every leftist pejorative in the book and when that didn’t work, Canada’s leadership opted instead for war.

And make no mistake, the truckers are at war for their freedom as are we here in America. What’s happening in Canada cannot be ignored or understated.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pulled a trick out of the Obama playbook & turned banks and banking institutions into
weapons of the State with which to attack his enemies.

Under the guise of a Canadian National Emergency, and invoking the Emergencies Act, Trudeau has directed banks to stop doing business with anybody directly – or indirectly – associated with the Freedom Convoy.

They are quite literally citing “Terrorism Financing Laws” to go after these truckers for getting a few politicians panties in a wad.

This is economic warfare plain and simple and by bypassing Parliament, these sanctions are economic warfare being waged by a dictator while most of Canada’s ruling class sit idly by and do nothing of worth.

This type of economic warfare against disfavored groups isn’t just the province of the CCP or Third World Banana Republics. No, no we here in the States saw something similar back in the glory days of the President who’s only scandal – that the left would cover – was wearing a tan suit.

For those unfamiliar with the dirtier of Obama’s scandals allow me to explain Operation Chokepoint to you.

Operation Chokepoint was when the Department of Justice, back in 2013 started to threaten the banking industry with the revocation of their FDIC insurance and only penalties – unless they identified businesses on the government’s naughty list and choked off their accounts.

The industries attacked were largely payday lenders and firearms related companies but adult stars and others were put on the list of those the State wanted un-personed and de-platformed from their ability to use banking services and survive day to day.

This was all done under the direction of the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force which Obama created with the stroke of his pen on 17 November 2009, under Executive Order 13519.

The same government that turns a blind eye to the blatant corruption in the halls of Congress – the obvious self-dealing, insider trading, graft and corruption being done by the very people who have driven us 30 Trillion dollars into debt – this same government had the AUDACITY to complain that payday lenders were screwing people over money issues.

But the point here is that the Obama Administration weaponized the banks to attack LEGAL entities that were boogeymen of his leftist crony echo chamber.

Obama paid no price for this corruption and the government writ large acts like it never happened with the corporate press hoping you’ll ignore their CCP style actions until their used upon you and yours.

Today Trudeau has taken a page out of that playbook and is attacking anybody directly OR INDIRECTLY related to the Freedom Convoy. They’re going after banks, crypto-wallets, you name it.

The same man who shut down all of Canada for two years is now mad that the citizenry had the gall to shut down Ottawa for a few weeks without Prime Minister Castro’s permission.

Make no mistake, Justin Trudeau’s actions are evil. He is acting like a tinpot dictator, which to be fair he comes by naturally. He is a tyrant and a petty one at that. Also make no mistake that his tactics are ALREADY in America. This ins’t an issue of “it couldn’t happen here” because the Obama/Biden administration ALREADY did this back in 2013.

One of two things will happen here – either the truckers will back down and comply owing to the risk to their financial futures OR the truckers will realize that an important rubicon has been passed today and there’s no going back.

Trudeau had better hope that playing this, his only hand short of absolute violence, doesn’t turn more of Canada against him and his party. He’s expecting the truckers to do as they’re told, to toe the line and support their betters. He’s counting on them being rubes who don’t want much of a ruckus. The Truckers have abhorred violence and have made Ottawa’s crime rate go down by proxy and this show of civility is being seen as weakness. Trudeau is, dare I say, counting on them to play nice with his bullying.

Nobody who is rationale wants violence, as is evidenced by the Truckers bringing bouncy castles instead of battering rams. My concern is that Trudeau is going to keeping pushing until these friendly Canadians don’t have it in them to be friendly anymore – at which point they can expect the same heavy handed treatment that the January 6th Tour Group is receiving.

The world is about to find out how far Canadians can be pushed before they stop being too polite, eh. Here’s hoping they’re smart enough to not get suckered into throwing the first punch that Trudeau & his co-conspirators are salivating over.

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