It’s truly a sad day for Joe Rogan fans.

Today, thanks to the Neil Young & Joni Mitchell nonsense, Rogan apologized for being Joe Rogan. And his apology can basically be boiled down to him rolling over and showing his soft underbelly to the outrage mob because Spotify was mad about their stock prices.

This doesn’t shock me as I’ve never thought of Joe Rogan as being a man of his convictions – largely because the man has no socio-political convictions. I don’t mean that to be dismissive but he’s never seemed to me to be somebody who really believes in much of anything and certainly not resolutely.

This lack of a coherent or consistent ideology is partially what made his show interesting and frustrating for many because he would talk to anybody and, somewhat unfortunately, agree with almost anybody about nearly anything.

Rogan is good at having conversations but not so good at being a man of principled character.

In his apology he mentions that he has had people who believe the mainstream narrative on his show in the past but what Spotify wants to do – which he absolutely agrees with – is to put a warning, a trigger warning if you will, that lets people know when a “controversial” viewpoint is being presented and then he wants to “add balance” by bringing people on to parrot the mainstream and cathedral view.

Sadly Rogan is under the naive impression that the outrage mob can ever be satiated which is enough to make me question his sanity. The perpetually aggrieved need to be looked at in the same way that Sebastian viewed teenagers, that once you give them an inch – they swim all over you.

The fact that he starts the video by admitting that his “controversial” guests spoke about certain topics – such as cloth masks not working – and NOW, TODAY, those are mainstream ideas and topics shows you that he’s willing to do what the entire cathedral has done for nigh on forever – use the pejorative form of the word “controversial” to tacitly defame individuals who are not in lockstep with the Oligarchy Industrial Complex.

Being gay used to be labeled controversial. Today it’s even being correct in the wrong ways.

Big Tech and the State have said you can’t have certain opinions so Joe Rogan will add Trigger Warnings and “balance” in order to keep the overlords happy meanwhile the entire Cathedral will continue to ban the very people that Rogan himself now agrees are controversial even when the very nature of their “controversy” is quite literally speaking informed, and educated, truth to power.

It’s not better that he has no hard feelings for the very people trying to have him banned off of the internet airwaves. You cannot be friends with the very people seeking your destruction but again, this isn’t a man of convictions or principles so this, too, is not a surprise.

It saddens, but doesn’t surprise me that Rogan folded like a school girl. I expect his shows to change in style when the evil wrongthinkers dare entered the studio, his questions and challenges to dwindle when called upon to “balance the controversy”.

It won’t be long before he finds himself delivering a new wrongthink apology as soon as the outrage mob, in it’s unquenchable bloodlust, hungers for another bite of the soft underbelly he so eagerly displayed.

It’s truly a sad day for Joe Rogan fans.

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