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My entire life the left has discounted “corporate science” as some sort of boogeyman to be feared and reviled. You can’t trust that study! Big Oil paid for it! You can’t trust that paper! Big Agriculture paid for it! You can’t trust that data! Big Dairy funded it!

And today we’re being being told to trust what Pfizer tells the FDA as though these same allegedly monetary and pecuniary interests don’t exist across all fields of government regulated and captured fields.

We’re going to preface some math with a little story.

Back in 2005 the United States Supreme Court, in Kelo v New Haven, Connecticut, changed the meaning of 5th Amendment to the US Constitution in order to allow the government of New Haven to steal private property on behalf of the Pfizer corporation because raising taxes was ruled a “common good”. This is the famous case of the Little Pink House and at least one book has been written on the subject.

This effectively meant that you could no longer own property in America if any government branch wanted it because all they’d have to do is offer it for sale to anybody who would pay higher taxes on the site. This followed a trend of the Supreme Court deferring to the whims of the State over the rights of the people.

In probably is obvious to most people but this ruling, in favor of mega-corporations and endless government corruption was 5-4 with the liberal flank of Stevens, Souter, Breyer and Ginsburg being joined by pretend “swing vote” Kennedy.

Skip ahead 5 years and when Pfizer’s tax breaks expired they left the area – causing headaches and heartaches and only accomplishing a Supreme Court ruling essentially nuking the right to private property in America.

Your rights, to these people, stop where the government’s interest’s begin and the government’s interests are NOT the interests of the people – but rather the interests of the lobbyists, mega-donors, unions and special interests that largely control every branch of government including the Supreme Court.

But what does this have to do with Pfizer today?

Well, we can show that the local governments (such as New Have) and States (such as Connecticut) and the Feds all the way up to the Supreme Court are willing to screw you over to grow government power and to benefit corporate interests.

Now let’s talk about the fiduciary interests of Pfizer in regards to the vaccines. We’ll even ignore what they’ve already been paid to date – we’re simply going to talk about the “booster” shots that Biden and Fauci are recommending.

Recommendations that are NOT backed by science – because testing on their effigy haven’t been done yet and you can see evidence of this by CDC staff resigning over this political narrative takeover of the so-called “science”.

We’re focussing on Pfizer b/c they’re the only vaccine that is FDA approved thus far and thus will likely be the favored choice for most pharmacies and patients.

Fauci has intimated that the lockdowns might end when we reach 80% vaccination status – but Israel, Australia and elsewhere are showing us that tyrants never plan to give up this power they’re currently granting themselves irrespective of metrics – but that 80% number is cited pretty regularly.

The administration is also saying that they’re expecting approval for everybody ages 5+.

Now currently Pfizer is making $19.50 on every shot and those administering it through Medicaid (such as CVS, Walmart, Target, etc) are getting $40 per shot.

Biden and Fauci are claiming you’ll need a booster as often as every 5 months for lord knows how long and your liberties and freedoms will be tied to these booster shots.

So assuming for the sake of amusement that the State will ease up when we reach 80% vaccinated, that means that 243,696 people aged 5 and up will have to get the shots.

That works out to $4,752,072,000 for Pfizer per shot


$9,747,840,000 for the companies administering the shots per shot.

Now if you need one every five months – that’s 2 a year and change but we’ll just say 2 a year – that’s $14,499,912,000 a year at stake here.

If you don’t think that $14 Billion – That’s B with a Billion -$14 Billion PER YEAR is enough to impact policy despite constantly being told that other companies control our government for less I don’t know what to tell you.

Oh wait. Yes I do.

That $19.50 that Pfizer is getting per shot is a negotiated “pandemic price” and the board of Pfizer expect it to go up. In fact the company has stated that moving forward, Pfizer’s Covid jab is “going to get more on price” and by “on price” they likely mean closer to the $150-$200 price they get for other vaccines.

Now, again to just amusingly assume that the State (via inflation and your tax dollars) picks up the tab for these shots – at 80% vaxxed for the only currently FDA approved vaccine – that’s a total potential value of at LEAST $36,554,400,000 if we set the cost at the lower $150 price cited by Pfizer.

That’s per shot at 80% vaxxed aged 5 and up which is what we’re being warned about.

Which works out to $73,108,800,000 per year for a booster shot every 5 months (not counting the extra two months each year which themselves would equal and ADDITIONAL $36 Billion over 3 years).

And don’t forget – we still have that $9.7 Billion being paid to those administering the shots (now we’re up to $82+ Billion a year) and then all of the downstream costs such as regulatory and other government functionaries that will need to be hired to track all of this and prosecute the 20% of people the State is “othering” and treating like terrorists and and and. There are going to be a LOT of police officers, code enforcers and bureaucrats making a killing on Overtime once this Papers Please regime goes into full swing.

Fundamentally if we’re supposed to believe that money corrupts in all fields – agriculture, farming, oil, automobiles and so on and so forth – you can’t expect us to ignore the $82+ Billion profit motive in pushing Pfizer’s jab on the American people.

Oh and don’t forget – we’re a world leader others will follow (especially if people want to be able to travel here) so the need for a vaccine is a global problem which pushes the profits into the stratosphere.

We’re talking about an unfathomable amount of money at play here so excuse me if I don’t trust the people with that much to lose if actual science works against them.

You can trust Pfizer and the rest of big pharma if you want – which is hilarious considering that Bayer Pharmaceuticals owns Monsanto – but I don’t ever want to hear you talking about the corrupting influence of money in politics ever again.

If you think politicians and the government writ large are capable of ignoring the profit motives here, you don’t have a leg to stand on in any other field and I expect you to support the Citizen’s United decision.

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