CDC Data Shows Lockdown Orders Killed People

Ep 35

The State locked you down for much of 2020/2021, because our Dear Leaders have to keep you safe – even if it means killing you to do it.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time watching government, it’s that obvious and expected outcomes are always viewed as “unforeseen” and “unknowable” by bureaucrats and elected officials trying to get their way while unknowable claptrap is taken as gospel.

Take our impending lockdowns as an example. We’re basically being told that without the Vaccine anybody with the Delta Variant is as good as dead and that’s it’s some unstoppable killing machine. This is the same story we were fed in the start of 2020 but this time it’s somehow supposed to be scarier because we’ve added the force multiplier of “Delta” to it.

We don’t really know if the vaccines work on this variant or if they’ll work on the obviously coming future variants. We don’t know if vaccines or natural immunity work better to mitigate the risk of serious infection. We don’t know how many people have already had this variant but were asymptomatic and went untested

– but just to be safe we need to lock you and the economy down again before you have a chance to demand that the laws, specifically the voting laws, go back to a more normal and slightly more accountable & freer system.

Meanwhile we know that the lockdowns killed tens of thousands of people. We know this because the CDC told us as did politicians who were too clever by half in their statements & bullshittery. They talk of “Deaths due to Covid” without qualifying that only 6% of those deaths are JUST covid or that the definition for “with covid” includes “can’t be ruled out as not covid”.

Hell, if we counted all causes of deaths as the things they couldn’t be ruled out as we’d have dozens of pandemics on our hands at all times for things we “can’t rule out”. We might end up with an auto-erotic asphyxiation pandemic on our hands if coroners forget to rule it out.

If numbers could speak, the numbers on lockdowns would be screaming about the knowable versus unknowable issue at play here.

We can’t know that you’re alive today because we ruined your business in 2020.

We don’t know how many lives were saved because we locked down, as we can’t know that outside of the terrible, and sometimes decades old data based modeling that was used to make the original faulty predictions that led to the lockdowns in the first place.

This was always a game of “if fewer people die, it’s amazing that the lockdowns work but if more people die it’s because we didn’t lockdown hard enough”. A typical government heads I win, tails you lose gambit that the press just ate up like good little bought and paid for meat puppets.

But don’t fret internet, there are some things we do know thanks to hard numbers.

What we know, for sure, is the number of people tested, admitted to hospital, treated and who died with or “of” covid or where covid couldn’t be ruled out.

We know how many died as a result of the lockdowns themselves because the CDC told us these numbers and every preening socialist can’t help themselves but rattle this “extra deaths” number off at every available opportunity – usually to push vaccine passports or mandated jabs. While politicians and their sycophants are telling you that 500,000+ extra deaths occurred in 2020 due to Covid, what they’re conveniently leaving out is that the CDC only counts about 345k of those deaths as having covid as an underlying condition.

Remember, if you die and the doctor doesn’t rule out covid (perhaps because no autopsy was performed) you will be counted as a covid death so there is a zero percent chance this number is being under-counted. If anything the 345K covid related deaths (where it was viewed as a contributing factor) are vastly over-counted in relation to the true dangers of the virus (much like how all positive tests were counted irrespective of actual cause of death in several CA counties and elsewhere).

But even if we grant that 345k deaths occurred thanks to Covid, there are still about 150K deaths that aren’t accounted for in the numbers.

That’s 500,000 MINUS the 345,000 Covid marked deaths for the socialists out there struggling with the math.

But that’s still an increase in deaths year over year I hear you say and sure, I never said the virus didn’t exist or that Andrew Cuomo didn’t kill old people by demanding Nursing Homes take in infected patients. I’m just talking math here. But let’s explore that to satiate the nay sayers.

Basically year over year there’s about a 1% or so change in the death rates. Some years (bad flu years for example) the mortality rate goes up by a lot, some years it goes up by a little. Because of population growth this is a number that rarely goes down unless you have a pandemic or war or other malthusian solution year in which case the following year’s death total could see a percentage decrease. For example, between 2015-2019, 2017 was an outlier year with a 2.52% increase over 2016, while it was followed by lower increases in 2018 and 2019 with increases of 0.91% and 0.55% respectively.

If more at risk people die this year there are likely fewer of them to die next year of the same causes so this checks out using that pesky math again.

So skip ahead to 2020. We had a 17.65% increase in deaths over 2019 and a full 12% of those deaths are listed as having covid as an underlying condition. This is the 345K deaths I was talking about.

But what about that other 5.56% that the press largely ignores? That’s 158,653 real people that died that are being left out of the conversation or falsely lumped into “covid deaths” because an increase is an increase and truth never gets in the way of a good big government narrative.

Now even if we say that 2020 was an outlier year like 2017 and assume that half of the non-covid marked deaths (a full 2.75%) were just a natural increase over 2019 – we’re still looking at 79,326 unaccounted for deaths OVER the deaths in 2019.

Sorry. Let’s make this as simple as possible.

Even IF we assume, despite ample evidence to the contrary, that all covid marked deaths were covid AND we assume that 2020 was going to be an outlier year with a whopping 2.75% year over year increase in mortality AND we assume that all of that increase came out of the deaths the CDC marks as non-covid deaths – something happened that caused an additional 80K people to die in 2020 on TOP of all of that.

So… what was different about 2020? What could have led to a spike in diabetes deaths and heart disease deaths and unintentional injuries and and and?

What would possibly explain these increases?

Could it be that we locked down the hospitals and the transportation to/from them? That we shut down “elective surgeries” which includes virtually anything that can put off – up to and including bypass surgeries? That we scared people into staying home and not seeking treatment for various ailments, issues and diseases unless they had the sniffles? That what used to take a few hours in a waiting room became a few weeks or months on a waiting list?

I remember a few years back when the corporate press tried to wishcast away an Obama-era scandal where we learned that Veterans died because they were ignored and put on waiting lists while being denied needed treatments and the lesson our government learned from that atrocity apparently was that killing Americans, not just veterans this time – but all Americans was a-ok – provided the press was on their side.

What all this means, according to the CDC’s own data, is that AT LEAST 80k people are dead today that might otherwise be alive if we hadn’t locked the country down, closed vast swaths of our healthcare industry, scared the hell out of our citizens and on and on and on down the parade of horrible. The State, in other words, killed one person for every 4 that died with Covid. That’s insane.

And it can only get worse. The State kept you from working out, from exercising, from being healthy. Alcohol & drug consumption went through the roof as people were cut off from their real world social networks, friends and family – the abuse the state put people through led to many abusing substances to cope – which itself will lead to liver and other organ issues down the road and ultimately more untimely deaths. All to “protect them” of course.

So what are we going to do now that we have this hard data and know the consequences of our government’s policies and actions? Lock you down again of course only this time they’ll threaten you and your children with a never-ending list of rules & demands meant to establish their control – their apartheid system – and they’ll take away all of your freedoms & liberties in the process because the State has to keep you safe – even if it means killing you to do it.

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