With Y the Last Man, You Get More Than Just the Tip

Y The Last Man

I thought, naively, that certainly a comic book series titled Y The Last Man would be safe from the anti-science trans obsession.

But No.

Over at CBR -dot- com they’ve reported that the producers of Hulu’s new show based on Brian K Vaughan’s comic series Y the Last Man, as published by DC Comics’ former imprint Vertigo – how the show will, and I can’t believe I’m saying this …

“address gender identity and challenge the gender binary”

In a show literally titled Y the Last MAN.

Now I’m going to use traditional uses of words so if that upsets you, you might want to back away now.

Now, for those who don’t know about the comic book series OR SCIENCE let me break it down real quick. The comic is based on a world where in 2012 a Gendercide took place and for some unknown reason every single man and every male of the species died off. If you had a Y Chromosome – POOF you died.

The Y Chromosome is what makes you male. Statistical aberrations aside, those with a Y chromosome have gametes that produce sperm and those without Y chromosomes do not. If you have 2 X chromosomes you have different biological sex organs than somebody with an X and a Y chromosome pair.

You. Are. Physically. Different.

This isn’t about identity. This isn’t about personality. This isn’t about social norms or what have you. It’s science.

This gendercide in Y the Last Man killed off everybody with a Y chromosome save the protagonist in the story, his pet monkey Ampersand and one Doctor Matsumori.

It was an androcide.

What this means is that if you have two X chromosomes and this plague hit – you’d survive regardless of your pronouns or identity, feelings or life choices. This is about science after all.

But Science doesn’t exist anymore apparently because FX chairman John Landgraf chimed in as well, adding, “There are women with two X chromosomes, men with an X and a Y chromosome… women with two Y chromosomes and there are men with two X chromosomes. So… there are numerous men in the show who have two X chromosomes; they’re important characters.”

No. That’s literally and scientifically not how chromosomes work.

And let us also pause and point out that that dude just said that there are “women with two Y chromosomes”.

Dude. Nobody has two Y Chromosomes. Literally nobody unless they’re XYY and that’s a statistical aberration and a genetic mutation but two Y chromosomes alone? Yeah that’s not a human because, to use idiot friendly language – the ovum producing members of the species only produce X chromosomes and the sperm producers produce X and Y but only (outside of statistic mutations) pass on one of these two chromosomes.

If you’re YY, you need to see a doctor right away because that’s not possible.

But the rest of gibberish is likewise nonsense and here’s why.

Suppose you’re excavating the remains of two individuals from Pompeii. You manage to test them both genetically somehow and can see the shapes of their reproductive organs. The one that comes back as having the Y Chromosome clearly produces the gametes that make sperm and the one with the two X chromosomes has a uterus, ovaries and the eggs which combine with sperm to produce offspring.

How do you tell them apart? You know nothing about them as people so what words would you use to describe them?

They’re dead. They can’t tell you their pronouns. They can’t tell you their preference. You don’t know their identities. Once you strip away the superficial things that society tells you mean whatever such as clothing and jewelry and look just at biology what do you have?

This isn’t a social science and we aren’t in the overfunded humanities department here so I’m not looking for feelings. All disrespect intended to your monsters in the Cultural Anthropology departments who think every item found at a dig site is religious or sexual in nature – but we’re talking Physical Anthro here. The only Anthropology that deals in hard science.

In discussing these individuals, scientifically, what words do we use and how do we prove them accurate?

According to this anti-science hysteria being pushed by FX and the anti-science mob you can’t accurately say Male because some Females apparently have what was previously known as Male genitalia. You can’t say Man because that’s synonymous with male and boy is just a younger stage male.

You can’t even use the genetic chromosomes as an identifier anymore. So what’s left besides make-believe?

This has always been my problem with the trans community. I know trans people, I used to get along with a few of them (largely b/c they’re adults and I don’t care about the choices they make that don’t impact my life) but I assume that them getting along with me ends today because I’m too irritated to politely watch science be burned on the alter of ignorant preening.

We’ve crossed a rubicon in society when we blatantly don’t believe in science or basic biology anymore.

Now, it’s not my place to tell you what to wear or what to call yourself. I don’t care. But this nonsense is telling me and everybody else to deny science. To deny reality.

Frankly when the Trans thing first really started popping off it just confused me but not enough to give a damn. When I first saw the unpronounceable pronouns taking Him and Her and supplanting the H’s with an X or Z, it at least made some sort of sense.

I thought that if you’re a Zim or Zer it means you don’t traditionally identify as a Him or Her and I’ve consumed enough cyberpunk media to not really blink at that idea. Hell, I saw Rocky Horror at like 12 so my shock meter is pretty much broken and I can accept most things.

But my real opinion – and this is opinion – is that I think most of the trans community is self-destructive and uses physical appearance to avoid internal turmoil. LARPing as caricatures of what mainstream media portrays as the ideal male and female in a twisted sexual appropriation game and I think trying to be something that science can’t actually allow you to do right now is harmful.

I think lying to people and tricking them is bad. I think trying to do that to yourself is worse.

If you were born with two X chromosome, until science advances a LOT farther than we are now (and it largely won’t quickly thanks to patent laws) there is no way for you to switch out an X for a Y chromosome.

And this is where being trans today, changing what you wear, changing your hair and changing some government documents, runs hard up against the very idea of truth but also what I thought was body positivity – another potentially useful social premise that got hijacked by socially destructive nutjobs.

You shouldn’t be down on yourself for things you can’t change but you should be trying, within the best confines of your ability and time to be the best version of yourself that you can be – that’s what I thought body positivity was all about. I’m not ashamed of my birthmark but I’m not proud that I need to lose weight. I thought it was also about accepting people for who they were inside and encouraging them to be better in the ways possible.

I’m not going to spend all of my time getting yoked because life is about tradeoffs but I’m also not going to dwell on it either.

I didn’t think it was supposed to be about just accepting bad decisions and being proud of them. I didn’t think it was about celebrating the negative aspects of things you that you CAN change through actions like diet and exercise.

And this brings me back to my trans issue. Trying to be something you cannot be isn’t a good thing. Being the best version of you within reason is healthy. So if you can’t be happy in your own body or gender for whatever reason the body positive thing would be, perhaps, to have a third way that didn’t pervert language and try to upend science. You cannot be born female and be made male, in any honest scientific definition, any more than you can cease being human.

Once you start saying that men and women aren’t bound by their biological chromosomes all you’ve done is confused language and bastardized science. You haven’t solved a problem, you haven’t come up with answers, you haven’t made anything better.

You’re being destructive.

If I want natural & biological children with a mate I have to choose to mate with somebody who has the opposite chromosomes and biological reproductive organs that I have. I used to say I was a male looking for a female but this nonsense like with Y the Last Man confuses that for no reason.

Except, we all know that the confusion is the reason and goal. We’re watching the creation of Newspeak in real time.

But let’s go one further because this has been bothering me for a long time.

Does Hollywood really believe in supporting the trans community and body positivity? Do the corporate sponsors who finance their works?

No. No they do not.

How do I know this? Because dick jokes exist as one of the only acceptable forms of body shaming allowed by an out-group.

Men are constantly, and I mean constantly, bombarded with dick jokes. “It’s the size that counts” is a full on trope at this point. This is something that cannot be changed and it causes a lot of men distress when looking for romance. And movies, music and tv make fun of penis size all the time. ALL THE TIME.

So you can’t be body positive if you’re being mocked for part of your body that you cannot change but because HAHA little peepee is okay, Hollywood is cool with body shaming you as are their corporate bedfellows.

But how does this equate to the trans issue?

Elliot Page is how.

When Ellen Page decided to become Elliot Page the entire industry gushed at the stunningness and bravery on display.

And then they went back to their dick jokes.

Now I don’t know the whole Ellen/Elliot story but for the sake of argument let us assume that a gender transition surgery took place.

This is where the genitals are essentially manipulated to represent, as best as possible, the genitals of the opposite gender you were born into. It doesn’t change, and cannot change, your reproductive organs as this is superficial reconstructive surgery that requires some maintenance. It also, obviously, doesn’t change your chromosomes.

But all the science and drama aside there are two problems here.

If the celebrity currently known as Elliot Page DID have this surgery, those genitals would be – just using statistics here – significantly smaller than the average male. If Elliot DID NOT have this surgery the penis would be smaller still (as it doesn’t exist yet).

So every single dick joke told in Hollywood making fun of men with small dicks would be aimed squarely at Elliot Page who is in the statistical minority of dick size.

You aren’t allowed to be body positive about your penis size because it makes you the butt of endless jokes. So while Hollywood is proud that you shed being Ellen because you weren’t comfortable in the body of Ellen. Yet Hollywood will mock you mercilessly for something you cannot control as Elliot because no dick joke extolling how much size matters that I’ve ever heard ends with “except trans men”.

But this wouldn’t be an issue if people weren’t trying to bastardize language and science by confusing every word in a weird feedback loop that makes no sense and is always looking for more convoluted rationalizations. If you were born female and opted to change but we weren’t forced to pretend it made you something that has a pre-existing definition (and attributes you cannot have scientifically) – such as male genitals and reproductive organs – and we used a different name for that then the confusion wouldn’t exist and the only real issue would be acceptance.

The same acceptance problem that exists today.

I think it’d be easier to accept people who opted out of the gender binary by choosing a third or fourth option. It’d certainly be easier to accept than the idea that nothing means anything and that anybody can just subvert biology and science per their say so. If you said you’re a Zim or Zer it would signify that you don’t identify as Him or Her for whatever reason and I can call you Zim or Zer without being forced to play along in the lie that you became a Him or Her through sheer power of will.

We aren’t talking about scientific research, in the hard sciences, changing definitions. We’re talking about social constructs subverting hard sciences by replacing reproducible data with convoluted hogwash.

It’s antithetical to liberty to try and force others to do your bidding. It’s downright selfish and evil to demand others pay tribute to your desires and whims.

When the folks over at FX and Hulu try to pervert science and biology by confusing language and uttering nonsense all they’re doing is trying to start drama, get hate watchers (who they’ll call toxic of course) and get praise heaped upon them – usually to cover for a shoddy product.

It’s “trans inclusive” so who cares if the acting is bad. It’s “brave” or “bold” so who cares if the writing is terrible or the directing is half-arsed. The more you defend it and call out the “haters” the more the all mighty algorithm sees it and feeds it to more people to praise the stunningly brave bravery or to show off their “toxicity”. And the cycle continues.

But I’m over it. If they want to call a mulligan and get the science right I might watch it – otherwise despite me being the obvious target audience (the source material is on my bookcase) I’ll just yawn and pass until I lose a bet or a subscriber demands I review it I guess.

In closing, Hollywood hates science – it hates men and trans men most of all and it’s so bereft of ideas that FX and Hulu had to take a story – Y the Last Man – that is quite literally about the last man on Earth and turn it into Newspeak negating the very premise of the series. Because of course they did, it’s hacks all the way down.

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