AB5 Could Ruin Date Night

CA’s new Gig Economy killer AB5 could ruin date night so let’s talk about a few ways this might happen.

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The bill text is here:

The Dynamex decision is here:

Possible Uber discrimination consequence:

AB5’s “business to business exemption” is outlined here:

Court Decision Appeal of Niadni, Inc. d/b/a Indian Head Resort Motel is here:

Article on The Legal Pitfalls of Using “Freelancers” In The Entertainment Industry After The Dynamex Decision:

One response to “AB5 Could Ruin Date Night”

  1. Allie Avatar

    Interesting piece! Thanks for the insight. I work for a government grant-funded non-profit with all 1099 staff and we are all affected by this. Just as bad: all local government projects are paused with the threat that cities will now have to drop their consultants and contractors to hire firms, thus breaking two-year contracts with non-profits that make a lot of positive difference with very little. I’d be curious if you’ve heard from other non-profits or if that discussion has been approached yet (we can’t find much on the non-profit sector but it seems the government just hurt their own projects with AB5).

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